reinvented inc.

Reinvented Inc.

Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Canada

Telephone: +1 902 892-2556

President: Peter Rukavina

Hi there, we’re Reinvented!

We work in the “engine room” of the Internet, designing, constructing and maintaining web systems. You might hire a “web developer” or “web designer” to make a website for you; you hire us when you want to manage and organize large amounts of information, operate mission-critical systems that scale to handle large amounts of traffic, sell things online, or integrate existing systems with the web.

We have a broad skillset — visual design, systems design, programming, communications — and more than 20 years of Internet and web experience. We bring a creative, improvisational flair to our work that allows us to develop novel approaches to solving complex problems.

We’re good at building systems, and we’re good at ferreting out requirements and clearly communicating solutions. We know how to listen to your needs and develop accordingly, but we’ll also jump in and tell you when we think you’re headed in the wrong direction.

We’ve been here since the beginning...

We’ve been working online since 1994. Our first web projects were among the first in the world, and we’ve continued to work at the forefront of Internet and web technologies.

Because our practice took root in an era that saw the Internet as a non-commercial tool for organizing and publishing information, we prefer work that is useful, substantial and empowering over purely commercial or marketing endeavours.

In other words, we like to build useful tools.

Some things we’ve done...